The current EHR platforms in healthcare
ecosystem provides


Dataviz of Patient Health Status

Most EHR systems are not able to visualise the patient data. This means that the clinician is unable to see the muscular layer, organ layer, and genome layer together. Data synchronisation between care providers and patients is missing.


Information which is not easily accessible is more harmful than a lack of information. Information overload can distract the care provider from the principal indicators and principal diagnosis. This in turn has resulted in pedestrian diagnoses and medical errors.

Superior Data

This makes it difficult to assimilate and use the data collected. Traditional EHR systems conform only to proprietary database formats, making it difficult for them to send and receive data from other, potentially competing products.
Intelligent Assist EHR is a complete care delivery platform that uses AI and ML algorithms to automate clinical data with Robotic Process Automation. It is a Multi-Layer Representation Learning method (MLRL) of the patient’s data.


Intelligent Assist
A Technology focused
AI health care delivery

A smart AI enabled EHR system that supports efficient capture of patient
information and stores it in a systematic internal model that is universally accessible

Introducing Intelligent Assist Viewer.

Apart from the IA Viewer, Intelligent Assist EHR
has integrated 3 main components




A real-time assistant for clinicians, Digital Doctor is a great listener, reader, detector, evaluator, modeler, translator, writer and much more...



Interactive 3D model of a patient with IA viewer showcases predication layer, organ layer, muscular layer and Genome layer.


Patient carer – Supports patient care 24/7 and works with Digital doctor (IA Platform), to keep communication alive and to provide continuous care.
Intelligent Assist
is built for

Hospitals & Clinicians

A realtime assistant for clinicians, Digital Doctor is a great listener, reader, detector, evaluator, modeler, translator, writer and much more...


Continuous care through digital nurse. Other outcome measure tools can be used to record your data.

EHR Companies

Existing data can be modelled and integrated into IA Viewer. Digital doctor will assist physicians to make the right treatment decisions, and Digital nurse can support in providing continuous care to patients.


A realtime assistant for clinicians, Digital Doctor is a great listener, reader, detector, evaluator, modeler, translator, writer and much more...

Realtime Lifestyle Management

With IA Patient centric model supported by IA Viewer, lifestyle management is easier than ever before.
IA is a human centric electronic health record system that focuses on the following with IA body science for patients

Intelligent Prescription Tools

Intelligently mapped therapeutic guidelines, drug information, contra indications and related information to help clinicians and patients to choose the right medication.

AI powered Patient Centric Model

Intelligently assists patients and clinicians to view individual health status with the inclusion of various tools, mind data and other disease data.

Realtime Lifestyle Management

Now onwards lifestyle management is easy with IA Patient centric model with the support of IAV.

Primary Healthcare Challenge Management

IA is focused to automate workflows, bring interoperability, Continuous care, make health status view of patient available with a single click and drag, and many more intuitive features.

Clinical workflow Automation

90% of the system flows are automated to enable patients and clinicians to save time. This empowers clinicians to attend to a larger number of patients and to provide support at a population level.

Intuitive Interface

Easy click and scroll feature to enable clinicians to view patient journey, active diseases, and inactive diseases. An intuitive dashboard makes everything visible with an analytical data representation.

Risk Predictability and Score Cards

Automates risk assessment through continuous care and early intervention to improve human health score.

Continuous Care

Enables continuous patient care through effective communication and outcome measurement techniques.

Human Body Science

For the first time ever - humans will be able to see their digital body with data science - which includes their organ, genome and muscular layers. They can even view their future health status.

Progress Monitor

Real-time data to monitor the progress of treatment, and to measure treatment outcomes.

High Security Standards

The system is protected with a multi-layered security system. Systems and tools can be easily integrated with existing EHR platforms.
View your past, present and future health status with a single scroll or touch. Timeline view provides Hormone, Chronic Diseases and Pathology Views.


Everyone can reduce their biological age, improve their lifestyle and capability matrix through IA Science and continuous care.

Continuous Care

Digital Nurse will be an integral part of a human’s life, providing timely care, emotional support and will assist in disease prevention.

Early Intervention

IA Science and other features can identify the early signs and symptoms of degradation in a person’s physical and mental health condition, and can prevent it from progressing into a diagnosable illness.

Early Detection

The EHR integrates care assistance platforms that can provide early warning of diseases that people may or may not have been aware of. Some diseases may have no symptoms indicative of the disease at an early stage, and the IA Science can recommend appropriate screening for them based on their health data history to prevent disease progression.


The IA Science can predict the occurrence of specific diseases by analyzing people's health data history and recommend personalized treatment plans based on their individual characteristics.


IA science can transform clinical practice by combining Biological data (such as those related to genes, proteins, and biological molecules) and EMR(Electronic medical records) data to create personalized care plans through gene sequencing, personalized medicine, and personal health management.


Treatment Automation

Our Virtual Digital Care system, which includes Dr.Robo and Digital Nurse, can provide 24x7 service availability through clinical data extraction, radiological image interpretation, understanding of disease progression & treatment outcomes, and chronic disease management systems. Physicians can monitor patients’ prescriptions with the assistance of Dr.Robo, while Patients can get automated services such as medication reminders, consultation appointment reminders, and personalized care recommendations through Digital Nurse.


IA enables visualization of health history, diagnostic notes, as well as active and inactive diseases on digital patient.

Patient’s Medical History

IA Science uses a holistic approach to engage with patients to record their health data. Through a unique AI enabled data extraction mode, it can accurately provide physicians with all the information they need about a patient. IA enables humans to use a digital technology based on continuous engagement model, to manage their health status, and visualize their body in multiple layers, including skin, muscles, internal organs, and genome. This helps them to stay away from diseases and to follow a healthy lifestyle.
Our Techology and


Secure, develop and operate infrastructure, apps and data anywhere on-premises, multicloud or the edge.


The Monthly Index of Medical Specialities or MIMS is a pharmaceutical prescribing reference guide published in the United Kingdom since 1959 by Haymarket Media Group


Strong expertise in Healthcare, Transport & Logistics, Realty, Retail, RFID based system design and software solutions, Association Management Systems and IOTs

“Intelligent Assist involved me from project inception. This was refreshing, often clinicians are involved only as a token afterthought. Intelligent Assist EHR with AI powered Digital Nurse stands to help physicians with workflow efficiencies and mundane task automation. Next generation EHRs such as Intelligent Assist stand to enhance rather than encumber the doctor patient relationship – the core of good healthcare.”

Prof. Ajeet B Singh, MD PhD
Australian Psychiatrist

“IA Science and Technology helps to prevent and do early intervention of diseases. IA Digital Nurse definitely a great pathway for bringing health risk assessment automation”.

“Intelligent Assist Technology and its architecture neutrality helps all EHR companies to increase the efficiency of patient data modeling on patient viewer.”

Prof. Kumudu Munasinghe, PhD
Head of School – IT and Systems
University of Canberra

"The value proposition that IA's science and technology brings is sure to benefit other healthcare companies. The journey ahead is sure to be awesome, as IA grows with its existing clientele and new customer acquisition."

Mr Srivasthava
Managing Director
Gemini International
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