Intelligent Assist is a healthcare technology company
with suite of solutions that empower healthcare organisations to
focus on patient-centric care.


We are a dedicated team of clinicians, technologists and data scientists who are focused on revolutionising the healthcare landscape by providing just-in-time, highly relevant, data driven insights to clinicians. We are product innovators, with a suite of solutions and services that would enable growing healthcare organisations optimise care delivery while reducing operational costs and increasing collections.

Client success, international partnerships, strategic development, organisational development, and innovative business models are some of the key factors that drive this team’s success. The team is characterised by their professionalism, willingness to go the extra mile, observance of deadlines and technical expertise.


Ajith Kumar Perakathu Somasekharan

A serial entrepreneur and inventor with a passion for problem-solving . His unique ability to get diverse teams like scientists, technologists, enviromentalists and governments to collaborate and to work together along with his talent to visualise complex problems and identify a commercially viable solution has resulted in many successful products. A dreamer with a great capability to work with science and technology. He started his career as a Software Engineer, enjoyed writing system-level programming and moved into business intelligence system development. Primarily worked for US Health system development and Data analytics. His successful ventures were acquired by Fortune 500 companies and recognised nationally and globally.

Dr. Neil

A clinician with the proven ability in entrepreneurship with various skill sets. His entrepreneurship started with the MedCIRC venture and has established business models for Australian rural health.

Prof. Ajeet B Sing

Head Psychiatry
A psychiatrist with interests in complex mood disorders, pharmacogenetics and transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Dr. Vijay Dubey

Head Primary Care
A Clinician with inborn hardworking nature, precisely want to change the primary health care with the IA Science and Technology.

Dr. Jomon Jacob

Head Development
Adept in product development with indepth expertise in requirement gathering, system analysis, application enhancement, designing, development, coding and validation with a key focus on audit compliance to quality standards.

Dr. Santhosh Kumar Nanda

Head AI
Scholar and researcher with interests in Soft Computing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Prediction Methodologies (Regression, Statistics), Mathematical modelling, and Pattern Recognition.

Dr. Jayantha Weerasekhara

Head Therapeutic Division
A passionate clinician with a special interest in integrating and implementing new technology in care delivery for better outcomes.

Siji Susan Joy

Head Business Intelligent
A technology consultant with indepth expertise in assessing available data, defining solutions, and improving algorithms to capture the real value of the solution.
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